Nurtur Expands Exclusive Relationship with Leading Academic Medical Center to Offer Select Health and Wellness Programs

Nurtur Expands Exclusive Relationship with Leading Academic Medical Center to Offer Select Health and Wellness Programs

Signature onsite health and wellness programs from Duke Medicine and Nurtur

Farmington, CT (PRWEB) August 16, 2011

With a shared focus to promote and support prevention and lifestyle behavior change, Nurtur® and Duke Medicine have expanded their longstanding exclusive relationship. Duke Medicine, a world-class research, education and patient care institution, provides the proprietary educational health content delivered through Nurtur’s online health management system. Nurtur, the behavior change company serving employers, plan sponsors, health plans and government programs, will now offer access to signature health and wellness programs available through Duke Medicine.

The new marketing collaboration will allow Nurtur to refer members interested in onsite health and wellness to participate in the most appropriate programs at Duke. The onsite programs align with the Nurtur PeopleCare™ approach to support behavior change with individualized assessment, engagement and coaching.

World-class health and wellness programs from Duke Medicine are a marquee benefit for employers to use in supporting a culture of health, enhancing employee satisfaction and recruiting top talent.

John McCall, Operations Director, Duke Diet and Fitness Center and Duke Integrative Medicine, says, “We are very pleased with this extension of our relationship with Nurtur as it provides opportunities for Nurtur clients to access a variety of excellent and recognized health and wellness programs and clinicians.”

A dedicated Nurtur team will provide information to members that express an interest in onsite programs, will provide assistance with identifying the most appropriate options and will direct members to Duke personnel for program enrollment and registration.

Patricia Simmons, Senior Director of Client Services Health Operations Integration at Nurtur, says, “Nurtur is proud to offer access to onsite personal health and wellness programs through our partnership with Duke Medicine. This is an excellent opportunity for our clients and their employees who desire additional care and support to receive world-class treatment delivered by clinical experts at Duke.”

Offered at or near the 26 acre state-of-the-art healing environment at the Duke University Center for Living campus in Durham, North Carolina, onsite health and wellness programs include:

Duke Diet & Fitness Center includes comprehensive programs lasting one to four weeks or more to empower individuals to achieve a healthier weight and improved fitness for life.
Duke Executive Health is a one-day program to address the preventive healthcare needs of people who lead high-stress lives with concierge-level, expert and streamlined diagnostic and care planning services with an optional focus on cardiovascular health.
Duke Integrative Medicine is a team approach to healthcare in a state-of-the-art environment that combines the best of Western medicine with proven complementary therapies.
Duke Weight Loss Surgery is a comprehensive program designed to support the patient from initial consultation through achievement of long-term healthy lifestyle goals.

For more information about these programs, visit

About Nurtur: Nurtur is the behavior change company dedicated to helping individuals improve their health and wellbeing. The company offers wellness programs and health coaching to educate, enable and motivate people at all life stages to address the life issues that get in the way of health as well as the health issues that complicate living. Nurtur life and health management programs include wellness, disease management (including Back Pain, Depression, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Respiratory Disease), episodic/catastrophic care management, work-life resource and referral, employee assistance and professional training. The company provides services to multi-market segments including employers, plan sponsors, Third-Party Administrators, commercial health plans and government agencies.

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Noted Relationship Expert Launches Video Blog at

Noted Relationship Expert Launches Video Blog at

Calgary, Alberta (PRWEB) June 22, 2009

Prominent Canadian relationship counsellor and educator Norm Quantz, MA, a pioneer in the use of video technology for individual counselling online, has launched his new video blog about therapy and mental health at

Norm Quantz is a relationship specialist who has been in private practice for over 25 years. Together with his wife of 39 years, Neva, he has established and managed four counselling centers in Western Canada. They currently operate a private practice along with providing retreats, seminars and consulting on counselling and abuse issues.

“I have a deep interest in the mental health issues that people struggle with — depression, marriage problems and anxiety problems — that seem so prevalent within our society right now,” said Mr. Quantz. “I’ve been trying to help therapists look at these issues as symptoms of dysfunctional power and control issues in people’s relationships, which has produced some phenomenal breakthroughs. This blog gives me an opportunity to expose some of this thinking to the general public and other professionals.”

Mr. Quantz was an early adapter in utilizing video technology for providing online counseling services to his clients. Currently, close to 50% of Mr. Quantz’s clients seek his counseling online, utilizing the innovative http//: technology. allows him to interact with his clients in a safe, highly secure online environment, where they can see and talk to each other in real time.

At the 2009 Canadian Counselling Association Conference in May, Mr. Quantz made a presentation on utilizing technology in a distance therapy practice. That presentation, entitled “”Online Therapy for a Shrinking, Changing, Global Community,” is now available for viewing at


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