Workforce Scheduling Improves Patient Care in Latest Axsium Whitepaper

Workforce Scheduling Improves Patient Care in Latest Axsium Whitepaper

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) February 22, 2011

Axsium Group today announced the release of the Healthcare Productivity Balancing Act, a whitepaper helping healthcare organizations balance patient care and quality, while controlling costs, using proactive workforce scheduling. The whitepaper will be available at the annual HIMSS conference in Orlando, Florida, at Axsium’s booth #3582 or available for immediate download.

Patient care and quality of service are two key differentiators in healthcare. Every organization strives to achieve the highest quality ratings in the industry while providing superior care to patients, all while working hard to control costs. It’s a daunting task for any healthcare organization. Axsium’s latest whitepaper outlines the importance of deploying a comprehensive workforce scheduling system as a mechanism to overcome the difficulty of balancing these differentiators with the organizational need to control costs.

“Properly managing labor productivity is a central pillar for healthcare providers trying to balance the need to provide superior patient care, industry recognized quality and keep costs in line,” said Chris Flanders, healthcare practice lead, Axsium Group. “By standardizing critical staffing and workforce business processes, healthcare organizations will be better poised to manage and control labor costs, improve productivity throughout the delivery system and ultimately provide better patient care.”

Axsium’s healthcare team will be available all week at HIMSS, in booth #3582, to provide copies of this latest research and discuss how your organization might benefit from a scheduling system.

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About Axsium Group

Axsium Group, a division of Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions, is the leading workforce management consultancy. With a singular focus on workforce management, our clients gain access to trusted business advisors, industrial engineers, and technology experts with unmatched experience. Axsium Group has delivered world-class workforce management solutions for clients such as Revera, Visiting Nurse Service of New York, Kindred Healthcare, and St. Joseph Health System.

About Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions

Knightsbridge helps organizations strengthen the capability of their people to deliver results. Our seamlessly integrated teams of experienced specialists in Organizational Capability, Talent Search & Selection, Organizational Productivity and Career Transition provide customized solutions to deliver on your human capital needs. Knightsbridge has the people and services you need when you need stronger people.

Knightsbridge is Canada’s fastest growing human capital company, with 26 offices and 240 employees across Canada the U.S and the U.K. including Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, as well as Halifax, Moncton, and St. John’s through our strategic alliance with Robertson Surrette. We serve our clients globally through strategic alliances with Lee Hecht Harrison for career management services and Amrop for global executive search. For more information, visit

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Illinois Health Matters Sizes Up the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Through New Multimedia Series Focused on Key Chicago Neighborhoods

Illinois Health Matters, a website that provides expert resources and information around national health care reform in Illinois, today launched a multimedia series aimed at helping individuals and small businesses in key Chicago neighborhoods better understand and be prepared for the implications of the new health care law and the state’s health insurance marketplace (also known as a health insurance exchange).

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will have a tremendous impact on the livelihoods of those living and working in many of Chicago’s traditionally underserved neighborhoods, including the South and West sides. “When we look at certain neighborhoods in Chicago, so many people and small business owners there don’t have access to practical information about how health care reform will deeply and directly support their families and their businesses,” says Stephani Becker, senior policy analyst and project director at Health & Disability Advocates, the Chicago-based nonprofit organization that powers the Illinois Health Matters website on behalf of a collaboration of health policy and community-based organizations.

“With our new videos and stories, we want to evangelize health care in these critical areas, to provide real-life stories that illustrate the new choices and opportunities that the Affordable Care Act makes available to them,” Becker says. Such opportunities include: More than 2.5 million Illinoisans under the age of 65 who have a pre-existing condition will be guaranteed access to health care in 2014 More than 160,000 small businesses in Illinois are now eligible for small business tax credits to provide health care to their employees A new health insurance exchange marketplace will let individuals and employees of small businesses in Illinois shop and compare a range of affordable health insurance choices.

The first installment of the video series illustrates the plight of Henry Edwards, a new father living in Garfield Park who struggles with paying out of pocket for medication to control chronic asthma. Also featured is Ruby’s Restaurant in West Garfield Park, where owner Henry Henderson and long-time manager Lillie Joiner discuss their choices in trying to find health-care coverage for their employees.

“The Affordable Care Act and the new health insurance exchange will give Illinois consumers more control, quality choices, and better protections when purchasing insurance. That’s why it’s so important for us to put forward this resource to help individuals and small businesses better understand how health reform will impact them,” adds Barbara Otto, CEO of Health & Disability Advocates and a member of President Obama’s National Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion and Integrative and Public Health.

The videos will be showcased in a new section of the Illinois Health Matters website, “Neighborhood Stories.” Also featured are articles that share how community organizations, including Health & Disability Advocates, local Chambers of Commerce and others are educating and informing underserved groups about their health care coverage options under the new law. The multimedia series is part of the Local Reporting Initiative that’s supported in part by The Chicago Community Trust.

About Illinois Health Matters

Illinois Health Matters is a one-stop resource for information on national health care reform in Illinois, and provides clear, expert information around the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as well as commentaries, resources and a blog for individuals, small businesses, community organizations, media and policymakers. Funding for Illinois Health Matters is generously provided by lead donor, The Chicago Community Trust and managed by Health & Disability Advocates in partnership with a collaborative of Illinois health policy and community-based organizations: AARP of Illinois, AgeOptions, AIDS Foundation of Chicago, Campaign for Better Health Care, Health & Medicine Policy Research Group, Illinois Maternal & Child Health Coalition, Illinois PIRG Education Fund, and the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law.


Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum Establishes Statewide Network to Improve Patient Care

Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum Establishes Statewide Network to Improve Patient Care

Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum

Baton Rouge, LA (PRWEB) August 10, 2011

The Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum is on the fast track to develop the Louisiana Health Information Exchange (LaHIE), which will give providers access to health records and connect existing sources of patient data within the state. To accomplish this, the Quality Forum has selected Orion Health as its primary technology provider.

“This important decision has been reached due to the efforts of many dedicated Quality Forum stakeholders that include providers, payers, employers and consumers across the state. Their expertise in reviewing and assessing technology solutions from many vendors was invaluable. The states of Maine and Alaska, as well as multiple different regional and provider exchanges, rely on Orion Health to deliver their performance objectives. We are excited to soon offer health care providers in Louisiana a powerful, secure and comprehensive exchange solution,” commented Cindy Munn, the Quality Forum’s Executive Director.

According to Munn, the initial focus of the project will be to develop secure point-to-point messaging to help providers access critical health information and to achieve Meaningful Use quickly.

Additional benefits of LaHIE are designed to improve timely access to patient information, improve patient safety, increase security of records, increase consumer engagement, more adequately measure and improve public health benchmarks and reduce health care costs.

“LaHIE is another critical step in our ambitious agenda to improve health care services in our state and the health of our residents,” said DHH Secretary Bruce D. Greenstein. “While DHH has been working closely with health care providers to enhance the use of electronic health records, bringing this additional information technology into our health care marketplace will make the current technology use more meaningful and make our state more efficient. Louisianians deserve the highest level of patient safety and enhanced access to care when and where they need it. I am grateful for the hard work and dedication of our providers, stakeholders and leadership of the Quality Forum as we continue working in partnership on efforts that improve the health and lives of our state’s residents.”

Quality Forum President Karen DeSalvo, MD, reiterated that the selection of Orion Health’s technology platform for LaHIE is a crucial step forward for improving patient care in Louisiana. “The Forum is also in a unique position to assist physicians who want to join the network. Our experiences with creating LaHIE and managing the Louisiana Health Information Technology (LHIT) Resource Center have provided us with an informed perspective on what help health care workers need to get up to speed quickly with technology,” she added.

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) approved the Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum’s strategic and operational plan for LaHIE earlier this year. The Quality Forum is a private, not-for-profit organization that serves as the State-Designated Entity to plan and implement LaHIE, to oversee the state’s regional extension center and to lead initiatives designed to improve health care quality for Louisiana residents.

For more information, please visit

About the Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum

The Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum is a private, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to advancing evidence-based, collaborative initiatives to improve the health of Louisiana citizens. Its main areas of focus include quality measurement, clinical quality improvement, the patient-centered medical home, outreach/education and health information technology. The Quality Forum serves as the State-Designed Entity to lead the planning and implementation of health information technology grants contained in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.


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Drug Reaction and Patient Safety to be Focus of Upcoming ?WARM? Summit, Workshop on Adverse Response Monitoring

Drug Reaction and Patient Safety to be Focus of Upcoming ‘WARM’ Summit, Workshop on Adverse Response Monitoring

Ottawa (PRWEB) February 19, 2008

The WARM Summit, a Canadian-led, international initiative to improve patient safety, is taking place in Ottawa on February 21 – 22, 2008. With the focus on health risks from taking prescribed medications, the workshop will bring together experts from medicine, science, engineering, business and government to find objective methods of measuring patient responses to medications and to develop standards for adverse response measurement and analysis. The panel will produce a report and recommendations to improve patient safety and to help optimize the efficacy of medication.

Organized by the Ottawa Section of IEEE, the workshop will feature representatives from Ottawa Heart Institute, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratories, the University of Toronto, and European Federation of Medical Informatics, and delegates from Health Canada, among others. In addition, the workshop is sponsored by the healthcare divisions of IBM and TELUS, along with Emergis (a TELUS company focused on health information management).

“Engineering shares with medicine a commitment to improve quality of life while putting safety first, and that’s why the IEEE is organizing this workshop. On this common ground, we will seek to work out the differences and identify the cross-cutting technologies that can bridge the gap between physical and physiological safety systems,” said Dr. Wahab Almuhtadi, IEEE Ottawa Section Chair.

Drug adverse responses need better standards for monitoring and reporting:

“Despite the well-known risks associated with using prescription drugs, medication errors and adverse reactions are still poorly understood and recorded. Given these risks, we need to develop objective methods for monitoring an individual’s response to treatment,” said George Mihalas, President of the European Federation of Medical Informatics.

Although in Canada (outside of Quebec), between 2006 – 2007, there were over 45,000 adverse reactions to medication reported – or approximately 22 of every 1000 people were hospitalized due to drug reactions – there is still no standardized method to monitor and report these reactions.

Most medications today are administered by patients at home, without supervision, and in the absence of systems to manage and track adverse drug responses. Many patients experience complications from prescribed drugs – often severe – adding to the challenges of managing chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

“Is this treatment working for me? That is the question in health care. Without a precise answer to this question, knowing what’s going on with a patient imposes unbearable costs of cognition, communication, coordination, and capability. Personal health monitoring systems are needed to help answer this question efficiently and therefore enable the provision of safe, high-quality care for all,” said Dr. Radu Leca, President of Biosign Technologies Inc.

A demonstration of how technology can help:

As part of the WARM Summit, technologies to be demonstrated include a telematic health information system for monitoring responses to frequently prescribed drugs. The system, developed by Biosign, leverages established technologies to assess a patient’s response to treatment and the need to adjust treatment accordingly. Its networking and communication facilities are being tested on TELUS and IBM platforms.

“IBM supports and applauds this initiative, which addresses challenging questions in the quest for high-quality healthcare. Ensuring that people are not harmed by medication is not an option, but the first condition of quality care. That’s why we are working closely with TELUS and Biosign to offer a prescription for action,” said Sal Causi, IBM Healthcare’s Business Development Executive.

“TELUS is pleased to support this IEEE workshop’s goal of improving patient safety through the use of technology. This is an extension of our ongoing collaboration with IBM and Biosign. The strategy to commoditize self care and remote monitoring is critical as we move toward next-generation healthcare,” said Ibrahim Gedeon, TELUS’ Chief Technology Officer.

The WARM Summit will take place at Nepean Centrepointe, Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Canada. The Summit begins at 8:00am EST on Thursday February 21st and runs until 6:30pm EST on February 22nd.

More information is available at


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