Just in time for New Year’s Resolutions, Tara Meyer-Robson Announces a 40 Day Transformation Challenge Designed to Totally Transform Lives!

Just in time for New Year’s Resolutions, Tara Meyer-Robson Announces a 40 Day Transformation Challenge Designed to Totally Transform Lives!


Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) December 31, 2007

Just in time to allow people to truly succeed in their New Year’s resolutions, Tara Meyer-Robson, author of The Flow: 40 Days to Total Life Transformation and creator of The Flow System, announces the launch of her new 40 Day Transformation Challenge. Designed to help every person finally succeed in their goals for 2008, the Transformation Challenge truly breaks new ground with its revolutionary approach.

Whether an individual desires a better love life, more success and prosperity, better health and wellbeing, improved physical fitness, breaking negative habits, or any other personal goal or dream, the 40 Day Transformation Challenge will allow participants to have everything necessary to finally achieve the life of their dreams.

“There is no reason for anyone to feel like a failure or to not succeed in their personal goals in 2008. The Flow System helps people identify the real reason for their issues – which is always negative thoughts and beliefs – and then takes each person through a comprehensive, totally personalized process that assures that each individual will succeed in achieving their goals – whatever their goals are,” Tara Meyer-Robson says, “The Flow 40 Day Transformation Challenge provides all the tools necessary for anyone to succeed in any New Year’s resolutions they might have.”

As part of the 40 Day Transformation Challenge, participants will be guided by the ground-breaking Flow System, which features two revolutionary tests that will take each participant through the process of creating a completely individualized action plan that works for the way that each person thinks and learns new information. The first test is the ”Flow Factor Test,” which identifies in which of seven areas of life, or ”Stations,” the participant has negative underlying programming that is causing him or her repetitive patterns, difficulty, or disease. Based on the participant’s test results, he or she is directed to specific workbook sections designed to identify which beliefs are causing the issues, understand where they came from, and be given a specific ‘retuning statement’ to retune the participant’s mind and life into the life of his or her dreams.

The second test, called the ”Reality Type Test,” identifies how each participant learns new information in the easiest way. Using these test results coupled with the specific retuning statements chosen by the participant, he or she will choose four ”Reality Type” exercises to do for 40 days (called the ”4 for 40”), thus retuning the individual’s mind into the life that is desired – and breaking the negative habits, patterns, and issues that have been an ongoing problem, possibly for an entire lifetime.

“The 4 for 40 program is the cornerstone of the system because it allows people to custom-design an action plan that is not only suited to their particular issues, it is also designed to use their personal strengths to make life-transformation simple for the individual,” author Tara Meyer-Robson reveals, “After all, your mind doesn’t work the same way as anyone else’s, so shouldn’t your personal improvement program be designed in a way that works just for you?”

The result of this completely personalized system is that each participant will feel like there is a life, success, and wellness coach working with him or her to create a custom-designed program that truly works.

By signing up for the challenge on December 31st or January 1st, participants will be given access to not only the ground-breaking Flow System, but will also be given free online support, e-books, weekly motivational pod casts, and much more, allowing the perfect support environment to keep participants motivated to succeed. Further, the system makes everything so simple, participants will be able to do all of the exercises without disrupting their normal daily routine. Backed by years of research, this challenge and The Flow System is certain to help anyone succeed in making 2008 the life of their dreams!

To find out more and sign up for the 40 Day Transformation Challenge, go to http://www.flowwithlife.com.

To listen to Tara’s radio show about the Challenge, go to http://www.goodliferadio.com.

For a review copy of The Flow: 40 Days to Total Life Transformation, or to interview Tara Meyer-Robson about New Year’s resolutions, personal success, alternative healing, or life transformation, contact The Flow Enterprises at 877-855-FLOW (3569).

About Tara Meyer-Robson:

Tara Meyer-Robson is an emerging new voice in the field of life transformation and personal growth. She is CEO and Creative Director of The Flow, a company dedicated to helping individuals, companies, and health care organizations achieve success and wellness with ease. Her first book, The Flow: 40 Days to Total Life Transformation, released in late September 2007, and has already received rave reviews from readers whose lives have been transformed by using the system. The Flow has also been nominated for a 2007 EVVY award and a 2007 Foreword award in the categories of self-help/personal growth and mind/body/spirit.

Tara brings her unique voice and sense of humor to everything that she does, breaking down difficult concepts in a way that is easy to understand, completely engaging, and        enjoyable to learn about. It is her authentic love of people and desire to help others achieve their best that drives her, and this authenticity comes across in everything that she does.

Once given an award for being a “Woman with a Mission,” it is now her mission to reach out and teach as many people as possible how to create amazing, healthy, struggle-free lives.

Tara has consulted and conducted seminars and life transformation workshops on a national basis for healthcare organizations, associations, hotels and spas, and companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 to small businesses. She is currently creating life transformation retreats with the Amelia Island Plantation; the first retreat is set for late January 2008.

In addition, Tara’s new radio show Getting in The Flow with Tara: Life Transformation Served Up Weekly gives listeners real ways to transform their lives. Listen to her show on GoodLife Radio…radio for inspired living at http://www.gogoodliferadio.com.

For more information about Tara and The Flow system, contact her on the web at http://www.flowwithlife.com.


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(877)855-FLOW (3569)

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For the Self-Employed, Obtaining Health Insurance Just Got Easier Thanks to SelfHealthInsurance.com

For the Self-Employed, Obtaining Health Insurance Just Got Easier Thanks to SelfHealthInsurance.com

(PRWEB) August 17, 2011

For the Self-Employed, Obtaining Health Insurance Just Got Easier Thanks to SelfHealthInsurance.com

In today’s world of ever-increasing costs for health care, it becomes more important to have adequate health insurance coverage with each passing day. While most workers obtain at least partial health insurance coverage through their employers, individuals who choose to work for themselves must bear the entire cost of health insurance for their family – a cost which can quickly spiral into thousands of dollars per year.

While numerous studies have shown that self-employed workers report fewer work-related stresses than those that make the commute in to their workplace each day, this hasn’t held true when it comes to health insurance. According to the guide released today by SelfHealthInsurance.com entitled Health Insurance for the Self-Employed, the high cost of private health insurance is one of the most significant obstacles facing self-employed workers, including contractors, freelancers and teleworkers.

‘Hope is Not Lost’ for Self-Employed Workers with No Health Insurance

Finding health insurance that’s both affordable and provides a decent level of coverage is critical for self-employed workers. Without health insurance coverage, even the most simple accidents or injuries can lead to huge medical treatment costs that will have to be paid out of pocket. On average, health care and medical costs across the United States grew 9 percent in 2010, with growth expected to be at least as high as this in 2011. Currently, around 42 percent of employers have some form of health insurance co-payment arrangement with their employees – a benefit that self-employed workers cannot rely on.

All hope is not lost for the thousands of self-employed workers who currently lack health insurance coverage. According to spokesman James Shaffer, “Even though self-employed workers do not have the leverage or employee count to earn significant price breaks on health insurance, there are still a number of affordable options on the market which can provide a high level of coverage to those who are self-employed.” SelfHealthInsurance.com is “…committed to assisting individuals who need health insurance,” said Shaffer, continuing that “health insurance is possible for all self-employed workers – not just those who make a lot of money.”

The SelfHealthInsurance.com guide also lists a number of health insurance coverage types that are applicable to individuals who are self-employed. Many workers fall victim to the misnomer that the best health insurance covers every possible scenario; as this guide shows, there are different types of coverage that are applicable to self-employed workers, and it may be worth trying to put together a custom, cost-effective insurance plan.

Affordable Health Insurance Options for Self-Employed Workers are Available

As this new guide proves, self health insurance is not the only means for self-employed workers to gain access to health insurance coverage. The guide lists a number of tips for workers on how to track down affordable health insurance options, including how to leverage the health insurance provisions in the federal government’s COBRA Act of 1985, and how to make use of existing health insurance options that are provided through professional and other membership organizations.

Self-employed workers and others with questions about health insurance coverage can visit SelfHealthInsurance.com for more information about health insurance and tips on how to find premium coverage at the best prices.


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