Launched with 1077 High Tech Jobs in Ottawa Launched with 1077 High Tech Jobs in Ottawa

Richmond, BC (PRWEB) October 13, 2005

JobArrow Solutions ( officially launched its newest job site: ( with 1077 high tech jobs in the National Capital Region. provides free access for job seekers to its entire listing of job opportunities.

Over 150 companies have jobs listed on The basic job posting service is free and hiring managers are invited to submit their company by visiting the website and using the company submission form ( Premium job posting services are also available at competitive rates.

“Our goal is to create the most comprehensive website of high tech jobs in the Ottawa region,” says Keith Phu, Vice President of Operations at JobArrow. “We believe is a great resource for the Ottawa tech community. We’re excited to be a part of the community and to contribute to its development.” relies on search software developed by JobArrow Solutions. Job seekers are able to quickly search thousands of jobs found on corporate websites. Job postings are updated every day, multiple times a day.

JobArrow Solutions produces career websites that are specific to a profession and location. The websites attract a focused demographic of professionals interested in a specific industry and area. JobArrow’s other websites include ( and (

Contact information:

Olive Chan

Marketing and Media Relations

JobArrow Solutions Inc.

Tel: +1 604 562 5717

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Top Business Coaches Share Secret Behind Long Term High Performance

Top Business Coaches Share Secret Behind Long Term High Performance

Vancouver (PRWEB) May 24, 2006 –-

In today’s fast paced environment, business professionals must efficiently manage their energy when increasing demands are being placed on their tight time budget. A June 2005 poll by Ipsos-Reid found that 66 percent of 114 Canadian CEOs who participated in the survey reported that “stress, burnout or other physical and mental health issues” are having a negative impact on work force productivity. In 2000, the most recent year for which estimates were done, Statistics Canada calculated the annual cost of work time lost to stress as $ 12-billion.

While Canadian employees constantly have to deal with stressful workplace situations, the 1999 Workplace and Employee Survey found that only 26% of employees had access to employer implemented employee assistance programs aimed at addressing human and financial costs associated with stress.

According to Russell Hunter, National Director of Energy for Performance programs in Canada, “Stress, in and of itself, is not the real enemy for most leaders. Stress can be a great ally and stimulus for growth. The real problem is insufficient renewal and recovery. This requires more than just taking a vacation once in awhile and cutting down on work hours. It requires energy management skills to recover quickly physically, mentally, and emotionally in a moment of stress, as well specific practices to create daily, weekly, and annual renewal. Few leaders have learned how to master these skills the way high performance athletes have, yet the demands placed upon them are even greater at times.”

To help address this growing need, Tekara Organizational Effectiveness is conducting a 2-day workshop on May 24 – 25 in Vancouver as part of a 90-day personal leadership development program called The Energy for Performance Core Program. The program aims to help high performers identify performance barriers and develop specific performance rituals that support key goals. Expert coaches from Tekara will introduce new techniques based on Dr. Jim Loehr’s energy management principles to leaders from all over BC.

Dr. Jim Loehr emphasizes how managing energy, not time, is the key to high performance in today’s 24/7 working environment. “Great leaders begin by effectively managing their own energy. As leaders, they must then mobilize, focus, invest, channel, renew and expand the energy of others” explains Dr. Jim Loehr. The Energy for Performance Core Program, based on Dr. Jim Loehr’s best selling book “The Power of Full Engagement” and over thirty years of work by the Human Performance Institute, will deliver powerful techniques for leaders to increase and skillfully manage their energy capacity.

The barrier to success for most individuals is that conscious effort cannot be sustained over the long run. “One of the most common and costly problems in our industry is burn-out” said Arich Berghammer, the National Senior Director of Operations. To eliminate this problem, the Energy for Performance Core Program trains the corporate athlete to effectively create energy drives for high performance at clearly defined periods of time and then strategically recovering.

Randall Larrimore, the President and CEO of United Stationers Inc. notes, “none of us can operate flat out of 24/7 for 30 to 40 years at peak performance. To spend more time in the ‘value-creating zone,’ executives need to condition themselves through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual training. This program helped me to understand that training would not only benefit me, but also my company. It is the only program I’ve ever done that caused me to truly change my life.” The principle of the program is to create powerful pulses that drive greater efficiency, improved health and happiness, and sustained high performance.

The Energy for Performance model, described as “a very compelling, pragmatic and universal model” by Steve Reineund, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo not only provides resources for individuals to perform more effectively under increasing expectations but has also “transformed the way [Reineund] and [his] executives look at [their] lives”. More information about the course can be found at or by contacting Vivian Tang at 604-638-1000.

About Tekara Organizational Effectiveness Inc.

Tekara Organizational Effectiveness is the exclusive provider of Energy for Performance programs in Canada. They are a leading organizational development firm dedicated to changing the energy and impact of business in Canada. Tekara provides consulting, learning and coaching services to facilitate businesses in change and development. For over 10 years, Tekara has assisted organizations in a wide spectrum of industries to achieve extraordinary performance and business results at the individual, team and organizational level.


Vivian Tang

Tekara Organizational Effectiveness Inc.

#405 – 808 Nelson Street

Vancouver BC, V6Z 2H2

Phone: 604-638-1000


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Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association Adopts Crosstrainer Personal Fitness Management Software for Canada Wide Implementation in High Performance Programs.

Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association Adopts Crosstrainer Personal Fitness Management Software for Canada Wide Implementation in High Performance Programs.

(PRWEB) December 18, 2002

Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association Adopts Crosstrainer Personal Fitness Management Software for Canada Wide Implementation in High Performance Programs.

Partnership Ideal Match to Contribute to Increased Excellence of Canadian National Wrestling Team.

OTTAWA, CANADA, December 16, 2002 – Today the Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association (CAWA) and Innovative Logic jointly announce a 2 year agreement to implement Crosstrainer Personal Fitness Management software throughout the entire wrestling organization. Multi user licenses of Crosstrainer will be provided to each of the thirteen national training centers and two high performance clubs that train national wrestlers. Also the National Program Director, National Office and several National Team athletes will receive Crosstrainer Personal Fitness Management software.

“We were very impressed with several features of the software right from the start,” said Greg Mathieu, Executive Director of the CAWA. “Our sport medicine and science team will be able to use the Wellness tracking and, of course, the Weigh-in profile for a weight based sport is very useful.”

Crosstrainer is a Canadian fitness and nutrition software product that is best known for its unique ability to set and track goals in combination with an athlete’s personal fitness and nutrition. The partnership will provide a platform to implement several upcoming features that are specifically of interest to organizations that would like to enhance their athlete excellence through increasing coach-to-athlete and coach-to-coach communication. Upcoming development will enable coaches to design training plans and share them with their athletes and each other. In this way National Coaches can design a training plan and an event schedule and share it with the athletes nationwide ensuring maximum efficiency and accuracy.

“We are very proud to have an organization as well respected as the Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association as the first Canadian Sport Association to incorporate Crosstrainer,” says Marco Smits Director of Sales and Marketing of Innovative Logic. “Canadian wrestlers have been very successful over the last few years and we are excited to be part of the program and to contribute to increasing excellence of all wrestlers of the association”.

CAWA and Innovative Logic started their talks early this summer and have been working closely together to finalize the details of the partnership. Talks between other National Sport Organizations and Innovative Logic are also underway.

“We have been looking for an integrated program for quite some time. There is really nothing out there that compares,” added Mathieu. “After careful review we made our choice. There is a real demand, and Crosstrainer has risen to the challenge to fill that hole in the market and to support the needs of our sport organization. National sport bodies should find the Crosstrainer software a significant step up from legacy systems.”

“Innovative Logic looks forward to supporting Canada’s successful wrestling program in this critical two year period leading to the 2004 Olympic Games.” says Smits. “It is a great reward to help athletes pursuing and realizing podium performances at international competitions especially the Olympic Games”

About CAWA

The Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association (Wrestling Canada Lutte) is the national sport governing body for Olympic style wrestling in Canada and is responsible for Canada’s National Team which competes in the World Championships and major games. The association’s role is to encourage and develop the widest participation and highest proficiency in Olympic wrestling in Canada. Through the development of coaches, officials and administrators the association provides leadership to the sport and enables the provincial/territorial affiliates to coordinate programs and activities in their jurisdictions.

About Innovative Logic

Innovative Logic Corporation ignited the fitness software industry in 1992 with Crosstrainer and has since maintained its reputation as a respected player in the field. Innovative Logic is committed to bringing the best fitness software experience to athletes, exercise enthusiasts, educators and consumers around the world through its innovative software and internet holdings.

For additional information visit:

Press Contact:

Tammy Warner

Innovative Logic Corporation

Voice: 613-284-0647

Fax: 613-284-8204



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