Zevia Beats Beverage Majors to National Distribution of First Stevia Diet Soda Alternative

Zevia LLC (http://www.zevia.com)] announced today that its carbonated Zevia® product containing the natural herb stevia has reached nationwide distribution. With four flavors in stores now, Zevia beat the major beverage brands to grocery store shelves across the nation, offering the first all-natural zero-calorie alternative to artificially sweetened diet sodas.

Citing the Coca-Cola Company’s partnership with food giant Cargill to develop Truvia, a stevia derived sweetener intended for use in beverages and food, the mainstream beverage industry has awakened to consumer anxiety about artificial sweeteners targeting stevia as the answer. But as Truvia announcements ring out hailing the sweetener’s eventual release, Zevia is ahead of the game with a finished product readily available nationwide offering consumers what they have been craving in the way of a thirst quenching, carbonated product utilizing the well known benefits of pure stevia.

“Because Zevia is the first and only zero-calorie brand that can claim to be truly all-natural, the company has been able to rapidly expand onto the shelves of high profile retailers,” says Jeff Taylor, Zevia’s national sales manager. “Fortunately for us, attaining shelf space hasn’t been an issue as much as getting Zevia there fast enough to meet demand.”

Some of the current retailers include Los Angeles’ Bristol Farms, Washington state’s QFC (a Kroger division), PCC and Metropolitan Markets, San Francisco’s Mollie Stone’s Markets and Dallas’s Central Markets to name a few. Retail doors carrying Zevia will increase to well over 1500 in June when committed retailer accounts come online, especially on the East Coast.

About Zevia

Zevia is an all-natural zero-calorie alternative to diet sodas available in four flavors (Natural Cola, Natural Lemon-Lime Twist, Natural Orange, and new Natural Ginger Root Beer) and packaged in 100% recycled aluminum cans. Zevia is sold in health food and specialty grocery stores nationwide with new stores added daily.

Zevia contains stevia, an herb native to South America rain forests that is many times sweeter than sugar. For centuries, tribes there used stevia as a sweetener in native foods and medicinal teas. Now poised to have an important impact on the U.S. food industry, stevia is widely accepted as an alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners and readily available in health food and major grocery stores.

Celebrity Chef David Burke Launches New Food Splash? — New Convenient Zero-Calories Zero-Carbs Zero-Cholesterol Zero-Fat Food Splash Enhance Your Favorite Diet

Celebrity Chef David Burke Launches New Food Splash™ — New Convenient Zero-Calories Zero-Carbs Zero-Cholesterol Zero-Fat Food Splash Enhance Your Favorite Diet

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 12, 2006

World renowned chef David Burke, creator of the award winning Flavor Spray Diet™, announced today the launch of Food Splash™, a collection of flavors that can be dipped, splashed, and smothered on an array of everyday foods including poultry, seafood, beef, salads, vegetables, dairy, and bread products. Food Splash is designed to eliminate unwanted calories, carbohydrates, cholesterol and fats associated with toppings, gravies, dressings and sauces.

The user-friendly, FDA approved, flavorings are vegetarian friendly and contain zero-calories, zero-carbohydrates, zero-cholesterol, and zero-fat. Food Splash is currently available in toppings such as Butter, Jalapeno Butter, Garlic and Oil, and Gravy. Food Splash is the first flavoring product of its kind to be microwave safe and is best used when drizzled on steamed vegetables, tossed with pasta, poured over popcorn, or smothered on turkey.

“Our new Food Splashes are the only product of its kind on the market today,” said Sean Pomper, Director of Operations at Flavor Spray Diet. “Food Splash is designed to be heated in the microwave, so now you can drizzle warm melted butter over your popcorn and smother your turkey in gravy, all without the unwanted calories.”

“Food Splash is an extension of the already popular Flavor Sprays, however these are quite different because they are designed to be heated and poured over foods,” said David Burke. “I am always looking to develop new products that stay ahead of the curve of what America eats. We are living in a health-conscious society where people are constantly searching for a way to a healthier lifestyle — and Food Splash is going to change they way we eat.”

Food Splash is available in 4.0 oz bottles and retail for $ 6.95. For additional information, special recipes and tips, or to purchase the food splashes, please visit: http://www.foodsplash.com.

About Flavor Spray Diet,

Created by celebrity chef David Burke was launched in July 2005 and contain zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero cholesterol, and zero fat per serving. Flavor Spray Diet has been named by Time Magazine as one of most amazing inventions in 2005 and has been endorsed by Good Housekeeping. The Flavor Sprays are now available globally with offices in England, Japan, Australia, Canada, and soon coming Switzerland, Nordic Countries, Chile, Portugal, and Sweden. The sprays can be found on the companies’ website, as well as Le Gourmet Chef stores throughout the country.

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Father of Raw Plant Based Diet & Wholistic Clinical Research Activist Viktoras Kulvinskas is Over the Moon for the Green PolkaDot Box Natural Food Online Store

Father of Raw Plant Based Diet & Wholistic Clinical Research Activist Viktoras Kulvinskas is Over the Moon for the Green PolkaDot Box Natural Food Online Store

Viktoras Kulvinskas is over the moon for the Green PolkaDot Box Natural Food Online Store

Montezuma, Costa Rica (PRWEB) August 16, 2011

Green PolkaDot Box™ founder Rod Smith today announced his partnership with Viktoras Kulvinskas, the father of the raw food movement. Furthermore, Viktoras is the author of Survival in the 21st Century: Planetary Healers Manual http://www.survivalinthe21stcentury.com which sold over a half a million copies worldwide and was the first wholistic book published with over 400 Medical References. Teaching vibrant health and optimal lifestyle habits has been Viktoras’ life’s work. Now, with great excitement, Viktoras Kulvinskas invites families, businesses and all to consider eating better for a lower cost through the online natural foods shopping alternative offered by the Green PolkaDot Box. http://www.greenpolkadotbox.com/viktoras

Viktoras Kulvinskas has spent the last 35 years as a practitioner in the area of wholistic healing modalities and as a living foods chef, who has served vegan, raw food meals to hundreds of thousands of people. He knows that education, combined with making raw, organic and natural foods drastically more affordable will indeed enable a growing number of families to choose healthier lifestyle options.

“No one likes to pay retail for essential foods,” said Viktoras Kulvinskas, Father of Raw Plant Based Diet. “And, while people are always embracing cost effective foods, there is however a fast growing recognition that scientifically links organic foods and their higher nutrient value with optimal health benefits. The Green PolkaDot Box is helping to change the game by bringing all the best companies and products to the table at unprecedented low prices. Savings are up to a 60% on shelf items and up to 80% for fresh produce in bulk!”

The Green PolkaDot Box™ (GPDB) is a membership club that helps consumers combine their purchasing power to bargain directly with manufacturers and growers for the best pricing, whether that is for organic, natural and other healthy whole food products or simply environmentally friendly personal care products. There is also the added service of being able to shop for therapeutic functional foods. GPDB strives to become the leading authoritative source for their members who seek to address food allergies, diabetes, lactose intolerance, obesity and so many other health challenges.

“We are proud to offer the best pricing on organic foods and wholistic products,” said Rod Smith, Green Polka Dot Box founder. “For those dedicated to eating Raw, Living Foods, Vegan or Vegetarian, etc., the Green PolkaDot Box membership will deliver a wonderful variety of fresh produce and the fantastic items you love for less money. Even if you are a health-minded consumer who is trying to eat better, cheaper and have easy delivery, saving both time and energy, GPDB will satisfy your needs.”

The Green PolkaDot Box™ does not carry any products that contain harmful ingredients, including foods that are known to be genetically modified. They only carry products that are believed to represent the highest quality and value. GPDB’s goal is to pass through to its Members all the cost savings possible while at the same time, creating an opportunity for members to share the wealth with others in a variety of ways. The Green PolkaDot Box is an online membership club that provides through its partnerships, the best pricing from manufacturers and growers. The GPDB annual membership includes either a “club” or “reward” membership; the later offering a referral rewards program to help consumers earn their healthy food purchases. Both membership types feature a free delivery option.

By joining The Green PolkaDot Box you can align yourself with other leaders in the Health and Wellness Industry, including organizations like the Organic Consumers Association, Citizens for Health, the Hippocrates Health Institute and the Living Light Culinary Institute and many more, all of which have already embraced The Green PolkaDot Box in order to benefit their constituents.

Please click on this link The Green PolkaDot Box and register NOW for this Limited Time Offer of a Free Club Membership. To contact Viktoras directly email him at vikintheGPDbox(at)gmail(dot)com or leave him a voicemail at 1-866-LIVEMAX (1-866-548-3629).

Reverend Viktoras P. Kulvinskas MS is a Lithuanian World War II survivor who retired from teaching College Mathematics & Computer Systems, as well as a business consultant with the likes of the Apollo Mission, M.I.T., Smithsonian and Harvard…at 29, to pursue wholistic lifestyles. During the last 40 years, he pioneered the co-founding with Ann Wigmore (Lithuanian-born) of the Hippocrates Health Institute. Viktoras developed the Hippocrates Live Food program that has helped millions around the world regain their health through living the Wholistic Lifestyles. He published the best seller with over ½ million in print, the first Wholistic Lifestyle manual “Survival in the 21st Century: Planetary Healers Manual” survivalinthe21stcentury.com. Viktoras has developed over 100 Super Food Supplements and authored 8 other books and lectured world-wide reaching millions. Viktoras does ongoing research in soil-less indoor gardening, probiotic kitchen cuisine and an Essene Biogenic Low Cost diet. Viktoras continues to lecture, teach and give consultations worldwide as well as offering retreats in Montezuma, Costa Rica where he resides most of the year. For more info: http://www.viktorasretreats.com

Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI), a world renowned, first of its kind integrative wellness center, which began in Boston, Massachusetts in the late 1960’s was co-founded by visionary humanitarians Viktoras Kulvinskas, M.S. and his then partner, Dr. Ann Wigmore. The Hippocrates program is based on a vegan, living, enzyme-rich diet. For more info: http://www.hippocratesinst.org/our-history http://www.greenpolkadotbox.com/viktoras

Rod A. Smith, founder of The Green PolkaDot Box, has launched numerous successful ventures in his professional life after an earlier career in Commercial Real Estate. Prior to The Green PolkaDot Box™ he also founded and development of the company known today as InContact (NASDAQ: SAAS), a diversified communications company. For more information about Rod Smith and his reason for founding The Green PolkaDot Box™, please visit The Green PolkaDot Box



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