Universities and Judges Set for National Security Innovation Competition 2011

Universities and Judges Set for National Security Innovation Competition 2011

Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) March 23, 2011

The fifth annual National Security Innovation Competition (NSIC) has attracted 25 entries, and a distinguished slate of judges and numerous private sector sponsors, according to the National Homeland Defense Foundation organizers for the 2011 event.

Competition entries were received from a number of prominent universities, to include: UCLA, University of Notre Dame, Virginia Tech , Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), Carleton University (Canada), Colorado State University, University of Colorado at Boulder, North Carolina State University, University of Tennessee, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS), University of Calgary (Canada), University of Cincinnati, University of Connecticut, University of Manitoba (Canada), University of New Mexico, University of Ottawa (Canada), University of San Diego, University of Utah, USAF Academy, and Yale University.

“Innovation has always been the backbone of our success as a nation, and today more than ever, we need to find innovative ways to strengthen our national security. The annual competition is an important part of that process and we’re delighted to conduct this event,” said GEN Gene Renuart (USAF ret), Chairman of National Homeland Defense Foundation (NHDF) and former Commander of NORAD/USNORTHCOM. NHDF merged in February with the Colorado Homeland Defense Alliance (CHDA) which originated the event in 2007.

“The competition has drawn participation from U.S. and Canadian universities with undergraduate and graduate students to allow us to highlight national security related, innovative research. This year looks to be the best competition ever,” according to Mark Volcheff, NSIC Executive Director.

An impressive list of judges for the 2011 event has been assembled from the federal government and research organizations, the U.S. military, Fortune 50 defense industry and security firms.

“The level of judges at the chief scientist or national security policy leadership levels both in the federal government and private sector are extraordinary for an event that is only in its fifth year,” Volcheff said.

The list of Finalist judges includes:

Mr. Chris Doyle, Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology (S&T) Director, Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency

Mr. Sean Roche, Central Intelligence Agency, Office Director, Office of S&T

Dr Steven Aoki, Department of Energy, Deputy Under Secretary Counterterrorism

Dr Susanne Wirwille, North American Aerospace and Defense Command (NORAD) and US Northern Command (USNORTHCOM), Director Science and Technology

Ms. Catherine Steele, The Aerospace Corporation, VP Strategic Space Operations

Mr. Tim Worrall, Dorsey and Whitney, Intellectual Property and Patents Senior Partner

Ms. Mary Petryszyn, Raytheon Company, Mergers and Acquisitions

List of first round judges are:

Dr. Keith A. Blanks, The Aerospace Corporation

Magdalina Boogaard, The International Science Technology and Research Group–ISTAR

Dr. Joel Brand, Brand-Gaus, LLC

Dr. Jay Brasseur, Neumann Systems Group

Jeffrey L. Carson, Air Force Space Command (AFSC)

Lt Col Christopher Chew, USAF, NORAD and USNORTHCOM

Lt Col Dean A. Clothier, USAF, AFSC

Danielle Curcio, Raytheon Company


Thomas Emsley, Camber Corporation

Dr. Ellen Jeanne Ferraro, Raytheon Company

Dr. Randall B. Garrett, Northrop Grumman Technical Services

Daniel Hannan, US Army Space and Missile Defense Command and Army Forces Strategic Command

Dr. Larry Hettinger, Northrop Grumman Technical Services

Dr. Peggy Brooks-Davis Hillebrandt, The Aerospace Corporation

Mitchel Hudson, Booz Allen Hamilton,

William R. Johnson, AFSC

Dr. James M. King, Battelle

James Knies, Booz Allen Hamilton

John Knutson, NORAD and USNORTHCOM

David Lee, Whitney, Bradley & Brown

Don Loren, The Tauri Group

Dr. Edmund Mitchell, Wyle

Bill Montgomery, Whitney, Bradley & Brown


Dana Muchow, Booz Allen Hamilton

Dr. Roger Neeland, Colorado Springs Technology Incubator

Dr. David Neumann, Neumann Systems Group

Vayl Oxford, The Tauri Group

Dr. Brooke Pearson, Cubic Applications Inc.

Steven Peterzén, The International Science Technology and Research Group–ISTAR

LTC Andrew C. Riter, USA, US Army Space and Missile Defense Command and Army Forces Strategic Command

Paul Ryan, Whitney, Bradley & Brown

James Schulte, Booz Allen Hamilton

Michael M. Sebring, L-3 Communications Corporation

W. Wyatt Starnes, Advanced Concepts, Harris Corporation

Tim Thompson, Booz Allen Hamilton

Dr. Paul M. Thompson, Northrop Grumman Technical Services,

Julie Veazey, Booz Allen Hamilton

Dr. Raymond L. Wagner, The Boeing Company,

Lt Col Brian Young, USAF, NORAD and USNORTHCOM

The best and brightest US and Canadian undergraduate and graduate level students conducting national and homeland security-related research are drawn to this one-of-a-kind competition. “We’ve received outstanding interest and support from industry and government sponsors, they want to be a part of this venue that not only highlights innovative technologies, but can also provide brilliant engineering and program management students to serve their future workforce.”, Volcheff said.

The NSIC has also generated interest throughout the technology, homeland security, and defense industry. Sponsors and partners for the competition include: Neumann Systems Group, Booz Allen Hamilton, the Canadian Consulate Denver, Boeing, Raytheon; ARINC, Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, Dorsey and Whitney LLP, 5 Star Bank, Aerospace Corp, INTECON, CENTECH Group, Homeland Security Solutions, LLC, the Colorado Springs National Defense Industrial Association; the Rocky Mountain Technology Alliance, the Global Security Challenge Competition, and the Air Force Academy Association of Graduates.

NHDF will host the competition on April 29, 2011 at Doolittle Hall on the campus of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The competition involves two rounds. The first round involves a peer-review of white papers. The review then leads to the selections of up to 10 Finalist teams for oral presentations to a panel of national level judges on April 29.

Scholarship prizes are awarded to the top three finalists selected from a national level set of judges. More than $ 35,000 dollars have been awarded with the most ever dollars planned for the 2011 competition.

Topics can cover the full scope of national security to include technology or concept solutions. Previous entrants have introduced innovations in biometrics, UAVs, cyber security, infrastructure security, border security and first responder support systems.

“The purpose of the competition is to stimulate college undergraduate and graduate student interest to address national security problem solving by exposing their university-sponsored projects to a broad audience including industry, academic, and government organizations involved in aerospace, defense, security, and first responder activities,” said Don Addy, President of NHDF.

All submissions will be included in post-event Proceedings and circulated among federally funded research centers, industry, and government offices.

About NHDF: NHDF was founded in 2004 with the mission of “Security the Future of Liberty” and conducts the annual NATIONAL SYMPOSIUM on Homeland Security and Defense™ held at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado.



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Canada’s Brightest Entrepreneurs Face Off in National Competition – 2009 Nicol Entrepreneurial Award Finalists Announced

Canada’s Brightest Entrepreneurs Face Off in National Competition – 2009 Nicol Entrepreneurial Award Finalists Announced

Ottawa, Ontario (PRWEB) March 19, 2009

The next generation of young Canadian entrepreneurs is getting set to face off in a boardroom in the Nation’s Capital to compete for the prestigious National Nicol Entrepreneurial Award.

Participating in this year’s Nicol Award competition are teams from across the country, including Acadia University, Carleton University, St. Francis Xavier University, the University of Victoria, the University of Western Ontario and Wilfrid Laurier University. The teams have advanced from local competitions at their own schools, with entries from thirteen of Canada’s top universities.

The Nicol Award, launched in 1997, is unique for its emphasis on the value of the entrepreneurial spirit and the key role it plays in the success of a business. No other business award offers as true-to-life an experience or is as inclusive as the Nicol Award, which welcomes entries from any undergraduate student with a solid business idea, from any program.

Even though he’s faced some challenges this past year, Chris Carmichael, winner of the 2008 Nicol Award credits the experience for giving him the confidence to roll with the punches and realize success. “Competing for the Nicol Award gave me the confidence to trust my instincts and make solid business decisions even when faced with unexpected hurdles,” said Carmichael. “This competition gave me a real taste of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. The total experience, from developing an idea to pitching it to venture capitalists, is invaluable – you can’t get this experience in a classroom. “

In the midst of the current global economic crisis founder Wes Nicol believes that the Nicol Award is more relevant than ever. “People with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and good business sense are going to play an extremely important role in driving the Canadian economy forward in the coming years,” said Nicol, a successful Ottawa business leader. “I founded this competition 12 years ago to encourage that spirit and provide students with a true-to-life, supportive venue to develop and test their business ideas. The fact that so many universities across Canada are participating and encouraging their entrepreneurs is a good sign for the future.”

The 2009 Nicol Award will be presented during the 5th Annual Nicol Award Gala on March 24, 2009 at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel. Mr. Nicol is pleased to welcome Mr. Frank McKenna, Deputy Chairman of TD Bank Financial Group and former Canadian Ambassador to the United States, as the keynote speaker at the event.

For more information please visit http://www.nicol-award.com/

MemaScene, Acadia University

MemaScene provides its clients with an act of closure and remembrance for a loved one using a variety of digital media. MemaScene will combine client-supplied photographs, videos, spoken words, and music into a tasteful and unique presentation for use at funerals, visitations and private viewing, and will also package this material as a permanent memento.

GetMovers, Carleton University

GetMovers is a web-based moving lead generation company. It provides a simple way for individuals to specify their moving requirements and then sells these leads to pre-screened moving companies. GetMovers’ services are offered at no cost to the customer and save its customers from the time-consuming chore of finding a suitable and reputable moving company.

Fratpackers, St. Francis Xavier University

Fratpackers is a moving and storage company that targets the unique needs of university students. Many students leave campus each summer to return home and must find some way to store their belongings. Fratpackers provides them with a simple, comprehensive and inexpensive solution to their moving needs.

Synergy, University of Victoria

Synergy is a green business consulting firm operating in Victoria that works with small and mid-sized organizations to help them overcome the existing barriers to utilizing sustainable practices and policies. The company has adopted the Social Enterprise framework and will offer a range of services such as greenhouse gas inventories and energy audits, and source and provide green products such as lighting and waste management systems.

Make It Digital, University of Western Ontario

Make it Digital takes customers’ print photographs, negatives, slides, and video in obsolete formats and converts them to a standard digital form. Make it Digital will emphasize high levels of customer service at moderate prices, combining local store-front locations for convenient drop-off and pick-up with off-shore subcontracting of labour-intensive tasks like photo touchup and graphics manipulation.

Tilted Pixel, Wilfrid Laurier University

Tilted Pixel builds websites that help small-to-medium sized companies achieve real, measurable business results. All its websites are built on top of the Tilted Pixel Platform, which provides common capabilities such as security management, database access, and content abstraction.

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