Celebrity Chef David Burke Launches New Food Splash? — New Convenient Zero-Calories Zero-Carbs Zero-Cholesterol Zero-Fat Food Splash Enhance Your Favorite Diet

Celebrity Chef David Burke Launches New Food Splash™ — New Convenient Zero-Calories Zero-Carbs Zero-Cholesterol Zero-Fat Food Splash Enhance Your Favorite Diet

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 12, 2006

World renowned chef David Burke, creator of the award winning Flavor Spray Diet™, announced today the launch of Food Splash™, a collection of flavors that can be dipped, splashed, and smothered on an array of everyday foods including poultry, seafood, beef, salads, vegetables, dairy, and bread products. Food Splash is designed to eliminate unwanted calories, carbohydrates, cholesterol and fats associated with toppings, gravies, dressings and sauces.

The user-friendly, FDA approved, flavorings are vegetarian friendly and contain zero-calories, zero-carbohydrates, zero-cholesterol, and zero-fat. Food Splash is currently available in toppings such as Butter, Jalapeno Butter, Garlic and Oil, and Gravy. Food Splash is the first flavoring product of its kind to be microwave safe and is best used when drizzled on steamed vegetables, tossed with pasta, poured over popcorn, or smothered on turkey.

“Our new Food Splashes are the only product of its kind on the market today,” said Sean Pomper, Director of Operations at Flavor Spray Diet. “Food Splash is designed to be heated in the microwave, so now you can drizzle warm melted butter over your popcorn and smother your turkey in gravy, all without the unwanted calories.”

“Food Splash is an extension of the already popular Flavor Sprays, however these are quite different because they are designed to be heated and poured over foods,” said David Burke. “I am always looking to develop new products that stay ahead of the curve of what America eats. We are living in a health-conscious society where people are constantly searching for a way to a healthier lifestyle — and Food Splash is going to change they way we eat.”

Food Splash is available in 4.0 oz bottles and retail for $ 6.95. For additional information, special recipes and tips, or to purchase the food splashes, please visit: http://www.foodsplash.com.

About Flavor Spray Diet,

Created by celebrity chef David Burke was launched in July 2005 and contain zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero cholesterol, and zero fat per serving. Flavor Spray Diet has been named by Time Magazine as one of most amazing inventions in 2005 and has been endorsed by Good Housekeeping. The Flavor Sprays are now available globally with offices in England, Japan, Australia, Canada, and soon coming Switzerland, Nordic Countries, Chile, Portugal, and Sweden. The sprays can be found on the companies’ website, as well as Le Gourmet Chef stores throughout the country.

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Councillor Candidate Corry Burke Proposes Ottawa Bids to Host the 2022 Commonwealth Games

Corry Burke, Councilor Candidate for Rideau-Rockcliffe, today announced some of the City wide initiatives he would propose should he be rewarded on October 25th with the opportunity to represent Rideau-Rockcliffe on Ottawa City Council. His vision for Ottawa includes creating a centre of excellence for the multimedia industry, granting City advisory committees ex-officio status on all City Committees, and not the least of which is his proposal that the City of Ottawa bid on hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

“Ottawa has not had an injection of athletic infrastructure of any significance since the Centennial year in 1967,” Corry said. “There is a tremendous lack of high performance training centers in our city. It’s the rare athlete that is able to make Ottawa their year round training home due to this void.” With a deadline for a submission of interest over 4 years away, Corry believes the time is needed to put together a well prepared and detailed plan. The result of a successful bid is an opportunity to host an international competition that will increase the region’s profile beyond all previous endeavors. “The resulting infrastructure legacy would provide the community with facilities that would offer decades of support. As well, it would provide ongoing training facilities and hosting facilities for numerous high profile competitions well into the future,” states Corry. “This is a city building initiative that requires effort and champions. We lost the opportunity to host the Games in 1994 to Victoria. I want to assemble a winning bid for 2022.”

Corry believes that a truly effective councillor takes into account issues that affect the entire city and not just those issues in his own backyard. “I absolutely think of the Rideau-Rockcliffe ward first and foremost but you have to consider the good of the entire city and the bigger picture as well.” For establishing ward-specific priorities, Corry has outlined a program he refers to as his 100 Day Pledge. “My agenda as councillor will be shaped by the consultations I have proposed with the residents of Rideau-Rockcliffe.” This approach would have Corry and local residents determining an agreed upon list of priorities with measurable milestones and the ability for all residents to track their progress online – this would be completed over the first 100 Days following the swearing in ceremony. Corry hopes this lends itself to the greater accountability that the residents of Ottawa greatly desire and deserve. “At any time and for any reason these priorities can be reassessed by the community, and the status of any item on the list can be scrutinized.”

With the elections now less than a month away the municipal election activity is heating up. This election has drawn the largest number of candidates in Ottawa’s history “On October 25th, the face of Ottawa’s Municipal Council is going to look quite a bit different than it does today,” says Corry. “I think the opportunity for change, producing fresh ideas and fresh faces, is greatly needed and I am working hard to be part of that change.”

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