Major Health Food Brands Unite to Combat Junk Food in Vending Machines

Major Health Food Brands Unite to Combat Junk Food in Vending Machines

(PRWEB) January 30, 2007

Major health food brands such as Vitamin Water, Fiji, Clif, Hansen, Horizon, Guru Natural Energy Drink and Bolthouse Farms can now be found in a nationwide healthy vending initiative recently launched by “YoNaturals” of San Diego.

YoNaturals has studied the business models of Whole Foods, Wild Oats and many other healthy retailers, which have demonstrated that consumers are willing to pay a premium for brands they desire hence the launch of our new automated healthy vending machine called the “YoZone” says CEO Mark Trotter. “Our program allows for a new breed of vending operator who now can participate and profit in an industry partaking in massive change” says Trotter. “With soaring rates of childhood obesity and early onset diabetes, the U.S. is awash in the consumption of nutrient poor sugary sodas and junk food” “Vending is the one of the least healthy industries in the U.S” making our entry in to the market much easier then we anticipated”. “For once, vending machines can be associated with a leading movement in consumer health and wellness.

“YoNaturals” has developed a comprehensive program featuring state of the art Healthy Vending Machines complete with 24/7 monitoring software, cashless payment systems for credit and debit cards and complete food & beverage distribution service that covers most of the U.S.

The “YoZone” generates a positive perception opening up new location possibilities such as health clubs, hotels, hospitals, retail and office environments where vending is currently perceived in a negative light.”

The American Heart Association & the Clinton Foundation have recently struck a deal with the big soft drink & candy companies to withdraw their sugary and caffeinated products from schools by the end of 2007 and we can now see other traditional vending locations following this trend quickly”.

To strengthen the rollout of its program YoNaturals has named Dr. Roy Vartabedian, the New York Times best-selling author of Nutripoints, as its nutritional advisor and product consultant. Dr. Vartabedian is President of California-based Vartabedian & Associates, a consulting firm that promotes health and wellness programs to schools, corporations, hospitals and physicians nationwide. “Having Dr. Roy join us in the fight against junk food in vending machines is significant because his expertise in developing nutritional programs is ‘second to none.” said Trotter. “The timing to get into this business couldn’t be better’ said Dr. Vartabedian, ‘people are seeking better choices in their diets and healthy snacks and beverages are the fastest growing product segments in the food industry”.

YoNaturals healthy vending machines are currently located in a wide variety of successful locations within the San Diego area including Camp Pendleton Marine Base, Shopping Malls, Schools, Corporate Offices and Retailers. “The response has been overwhelming not just here but all over the country and we are looking to partner with entrepreneurs and locations alike to meet the high demand.

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Consumer Adoption of Organic Products Encouraged by Mainstream Brands, says RetailWire Business Tip

Consumer Adoption of Organic Products Encouraged by Mainstream Brands, says RetailWire Business Tip

(PRWEB) August 8, 2005

According to The Hartman Group, over one-third of grocery store shoppers also shop in natural food stores. However, 78 percent of those would like to find organic products in their conventional grocery store, next to nationally branded items.

As discussed in the RetailWire Business Tip entitled “Bringing Organics into the Mainstream” (, the new generation of healthy lifestyle retailers, like Whole Foods and Wild Oats, signals a wake up call for conventional grocery operators. It means that there’s a real change occurring in the profile of the natural foods shopper towards more mainstream tastes.

Based on the Food Marketing Institute’s “Shopping for Health” study, it can be assumed that more than half of all shoppers have bought some organic food in the past six months. That means that retailers will miss opportunities to satisfy customers if they continue to isolate organic products in natural foods sections. Other barriers to converting shoppers over to organics are the higher prices, less-than-satisfactory taste and unfamiliar brands that they often find in the natural foods specialty aisle.

As with all other product categories, branding is very influential to consumer purchasing and product loyalty. If given a choice, consumers will opt for the organic version of a product offered by a recognizable, mainstream brand.

As Campbell’s is currently demonstrating with its new organic introductions in the PACE and PREGO brands, retailers can gain organic shoppers’ attention by presenting large brand, organic products. PACE, for example, is the salsa/picante share leader with 36 percent national dollar share. Not only is a national brand like PACE more familiar to this new profile of organic shopper, but price and taste, often barriers to adoption with off-beat natural brands, are overcome in a PACE organic version.

With the introduction of mainstream brand versions of quality organic products, retailers’ lives could get a lot easier as they look to tap into healthy lifestyle trends. Major brands such as Campbell’s can offer grocers far more product development and marketing support. With the confidence that they are no longer simply appealing to niche consumer groups, we should expect to see much more in-store promotional activity for organic products, as well.

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“Bringing Organics into the Mainstream”

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