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… Health conveys hope; He who has hope loves with devotion; He who loves with devotion is rewarded with the same amount of love; He, who is loved, the whole world in the palm of his hand …


Dear All,

At the very beginning, we would like to thank you for visiting this site. We assure you that you have made the best choice, because we will provide a lot of useful information about health and love. We believe that this information will be very useful in the future. Information will be based solely on facts. Nevertheless, “sustained” with our personal opinion about the information offered. We will also share with you our personal experience related to a specific problem.

We would like to tell you about some of the problems that this site will deal with. As you can already see and understand from the title, the main problem of the site is the health and love of people. When you first read the title “Health and Love,” you had a number of question marks about the connection between these two problems, which seem diametrically opposed in semantics.

At first glance, some might think that there is no connection between the two. However, they are connected and in some way interrelated. For example, these two are the basis of our existence: every person must be healthy to perform even the simplest everyday tasks. Every person needs to love and love in order to be mentally stable and perform the tasks assigned to him.

We specifically used the term “mentally stable”, because we will discuss not only the health of the body, but also the “health” of the soul. This is the relationship between health and love.

The relationship between health and love

A happy person is only one who always has a healthy body, a healthy spirit, a healthy soul and a loved one. Guias y Trucos tecnologicos

Let us now mention, at least, some of the sub-themes relating to Health and Love that will be considered in the near future:

  • Definitions of health and love; Known quotes or sayings; Declarations of famous people all over the world through history and their possible attitude to the subject;

  • Interesting facts about health and love, especially facts about food and beverages; Products and positive and / or negative effects on the human body; Especially the relationship between men and women as an inexhaustible question; etc…

  • Tips and tips for improving your health and love life;

  • Experiments and small studies are very often related to the topic;

  • Diet;

  • Diseases (causes, causes, symptoms and a healthy cure);

  • Obesity;

  • Recipes of health and love;

  • Real love stories and reviews;

  • Jokes;

  • Discussions, personal opinion and attitude to certain issues that will create an audience (you, visitors) and much more …

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We hope that this topic was brought to your understanding

One sure. There will be a lot of useful information, recipes that can improve your life, and many beautiful quotes that can improve your day. It may happen that we mention information that you already know, but make sure that we offer a different perspective for the current factor. Another way of using things you already know. We will read together, learn together, prevent, heal, cry and love together.

Welcome to a journey that will give you a higher quality of life, better physical and mental health and greater love. A well-known Latin proverb says: “There was a diagnostician, was a curator” (in translation: something that is well diagnosed can be cured well “). We hope that we have “well diagnosed” the purpose of this site, and we hope that we will find the best medicine for sick bodies and bleeding hearts.

Thank you for attention,

Creator (s)
Borislav Draganov

Health & Love Page - General Description - Guide for Healthy Tips

Health & Love Page - General Description - Guide for Healthy Tips

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Health & Love Page - General Description - Guide for Healthy Tips
Health & Love Page - General Description - Guide for Healthy Tips

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